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Exhilarating. Thrilling. Exciting. Crazy! All words you may associate with Bungy Jumping.

What ever way you choose to describe it, bunny jumping is an adrenaline junkies wet dream.

Go Bungy Jumping

Over the years I’ve often thought “how the hell did this all come about”? I mean who in there right mind would tie a piece of elasticated rope to their ankles and throw themselves from a great height?

Step forward A J Hackett….

Just over 25 years ago, New Zealander A J Hackett pioneered the commercial Bungy Jump experience.

Not content with jumping out of an aeroplane with a bit of cloth tied to his back, Hackett wanted a new experience to send pulses racing.

Hackett spent years experimenting jumping from bridges with friends, searching for longer, higher and more dangerous jumps to perform.

World News

Then in 1987, Hackett was arrested for jumping from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and created an overnight phenomenon.

The stunt made headlines worldwide and Hackett quickly realised that there was money to be made. Commercial Bungy Jumping was born.

Bungy Over a Lake

Where to go?

You can bungy jump pretty much anywhere in the World. A J Hackett have 15 sites across the globe themselves.

And there are some incredible places and stunning backdrops to choose from.

The choice of venue is huge as well. Over rivers, lakes and gorges. From tall buildings, bridges and dams, you really can take your pick.

In Chile you can even jump from a helicopter whilst it hovers over an active, lava bubbling volcano….if you like that sort of thing!

Where it all began

But we couldn’t think of anywhere better to experience a jump than where it all started at Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand.


In truth, at 43 metres, the jump is probably quite timid compared to experiences now sought by today’s thrill-seekers.

However the aura and status that surrounds Kawarau Bridge as the place where it all began is undisputed.

For us that adds a little bit more to the entire experience.

Is it dangerous?

The short answer is yes. Any adrenaline sport such as this is bound to carry some risks. However accidents are rare.

Bungee Jumping caution sign
Bungee Jumping Bungy Jumping Bungee Bungy

As long as you book through a reputable company you’ll be just fine! Do your research upfront and choose a jump company that sits right with you.

I chose to do my jump with A J Hackett in Cairns, Australia and it was absolutely incredible.

Over half a million jumpers have taken the plunge, will you be next?

A single jump starts at £92 (including T-Shirt). Find out more at

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