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Bucket List Ideas

Things to do before you die

Writing down a bucket list

Life is short, and you only live once! Sounds like a bit if a cliché, but you ought to make the most of your time to attain your goals and have more fun. Frankly, there are lots of experiences you should try before you die, so here are some bucket list ideas from BLE.

Yes, you should have a bucket list with goals, dreams, and aspirations that you wish to attain in your lifetime. Talking of some marvelous life adventures and goals, we have compiled the best bucket list ideas that you can add to your own.  

The Ultimate Bucket List Ideas

Go on African Safari

If you are a wanderlust, this is one opportunity to explore the beautiful gifts of nature. A trip to the African Savannah and wilderness will allow you to witness the incredible landscapes and the rare species of wild animals in their most spectacular nature. The African savannah is the fantastic home of many large land mammals, including rare species of white giraffe, elephants, buffaloes, and pretty much other members of the big five.  There are lots of adventures on the trip, that’s why you should try going on a Safari before you die.

Take a hot air balloon ride

A bucket list is hardly complete without something that pumps up the adrenaline like a hot air balloon ride. You will float along high up in the air, slowly and quietly as you fancy the landscape below you, but your heart will definitely be racing! Well, you can conquer heights and get even braver with life.

Hot Air Balloons Over Mountains

Swim with the Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in a place like Puerto Vallarta is an experience you don’t want to pass up. Strap on your snorkel and and swim with one of the worlds most majestic animals in their natural habitat. If you are looking for wanderlust bucket list ideas, then this is one experience you ought to try.

Climb an active volcano

If there is one breathtaking expedition you want to take in your lifetime, then it has to be hiking an active volcano!  You will get to see craters, calderas, lava flows, and lava tubes. Whether a novice hiker or an experienced mountain climber and nature enthusiast, you can go climbing the Pacaya active volcano mountain for an experience of a lifetime.

Visit a Sports Venue

If you are a sports fanatic with a wanderlust, then you should try to visit some of the most iconic sports venues in the world. There are many marvelous sports venues you can explore across the world, including the likes of Wimbledon, Bell Center, CenturyLink Field, PNC Park, New Yankee Stadium, Allianz Arena, Michigan Stadium etc. Of course, it depends on the sport you love. If you are a football fan, for example, you can visit Barcelona’s Camp Nou, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, and Man United’s Old Trafford, etc.

Go on a blind date

This is perhaps one excitingly unique experience you should consider trying out. Yes, you can go meeting someone for the first time and test your social ability. For example, you can meet a stranger on a safe blind date. You can even make things a little bit more interesting by trying an adventure on your first date! Who knows how things will pan out? You might get a new friend or even a partner!

Be a self-made millionaire

There is no dream too big to actualize. Perhaps you want to be a millionaire? It is possible! Add it to your bucket list now and work your way to accomplishing this by making smart money and investments decisions. After all, you want to make the most that come with life and its successes.

You never know, you could start making your millions whilst on a working holiday

Buy a house at the beach

Whether a bungalow or a beachfront cottage, acquiring a home at the beach will offer you the much-needed relaxation and afford you a deep taste of carefree living that you dream about. The layouts can be as diverse, ranging from dreamy wraparound porches to breezy open-air, etc. Start by adding it to your bucket list and start working to buy or build a beach house.

Write a book

This is not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. But wouldn’t you want generations of your progeny ever to know what was running on in your mind at some point? Well, you may want to chronicle your thoughts and experiences in a book to preserve your existence. Add it to your list and see how life-changing and a grand fete writing a book would be!

Get an acting role

You are funny, perhaps a master of twisting words or fitting into different personalities? That should motivate you to add an acting role to your bucket list. May you want to be a movie star? There you go, start by adding it to your bucket list and work your way to the stage one step at a time.  

Raise a family

Of course, you want to live a life and share its goodness with others. You can consider raising children who will take after you, long after you are gone. They can also bring you joy in life and add meaning to your existence.  

Earn a college degree

Education is still pretty much an essential pillar of life. Yes, you can earn a college degree and continue building your career you are craving. The beauty is that these days, there are a lot of learning modes like e-learning where you can earn a degree study from the comfort of your home.

Feed a homeless person

Life is useful when you share what you have with the less fortunate. It’s even better when you fill someone else’s tummy.

Share your groceries, extra food from your fridge, or just get food from the next store and give some to a homeless person. That will be service to humanity, and you will feel satisfied doing good to someone in need.

Grow your savings

In the world of uncertainties, there are always rainy days ahead. That is why putting aside savings is necessary. Having money in your savings account will empower you to handle emergencies such as sickness and accidents in a much better.

Having a substantial amount of savings to handle your emergencies will help you to stay out of debt. You could also choose to save for goals that you want to tick off in the future.

Growing your savings today will enable you to live a bright life tomorrow. So, add it to your bucket list and start saving now!

Other Top Bucket List Ideas 2020

There are many other bucket list ideas you can explore and try out in your lifetime. You can:

In a Nutshell

These are just but a few ideas, so check out our bucket list ideas to get some more inspiration. The things you can do, places you can travel, and achievements you can accomplish in life are endless. Remember, you can add your own unique bucket list ideas too and create your very own list when you log in. Try to pick ideas that meet your tastes then work hard to tick them off the list! remember to let us know about you experience and even upload a photo of you doing it.

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