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Perform Airplane Aerobatics

airplane aerobatics

Before you perform airplane aerobatics, you’re going have to learn to fly a plane, lets not run before we can walk. Once you’ve done that then we can move on.

You’ve seen small aeroplanes pulling aerobatic stunts…and now dream of flying loops yourself…now you have to take on the challenge of learning to fly aerobatic manoeuvres.

Although there is a lot of work involved and flying aerobatics is both physically and mentally challenging, the reward is well worth the effort.

Aeroplane stunts

Initially upon entering the cockpit there is a sense of being overwhelmed by the number of buttons, dials and levers, but if you think back to the first time you sat in a car about to learn to drive you would probably have felt something similar.

The same is true with flying and after some perseverance it all falls into place and you are ready to take on more exciting manoeuvres.

The First Manoeuvre

Having flown to somewhere safe its time to start your first manoeuvre. You climb the aircraft to get some height for safety purposes.

Aeroplane stunts

Then open the throttle to the max, gently compensating for the increased turbulence and entering a dive, loosing your stomach slightly as you do…

You feel the aircraft accelerating watching the speed climb until you have reached the appropriate speed, then enter a climb straining against the increased G-Force. 

Your arms become leaden, you tense your body to keep the blood supply to the brain and prevent vision loss.

plane aerobatics

As you knife through the sky higher you go past vertical and see the ground above your head, flying horizontally but inverted with the G force making it feel you are still being pulled down into your seat, the aircraft is moving at its slowest now and the G-force manageable.

Then you are back into a dive facing down at the earth watching it get closer, you throttle back allowing Gravity to do the work as you accelerate out of the dive and back to straight and level flight. Your first loop.

If flying has ever crossed your mind, I would thoroughly recommend adding this experience to your bucket list.

The reward being freedom of the skies to pull aerobatics or simply use your new found skill to rent an aircraft and fly somewhere new for lunch.

Check out Virgin Experience Days for your first airplane aerobatics flight and see if you have the stomach for it

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