Go on an African Safari

Lion in the wild

I know that ever since I was a child the idea to go on an African safari was a massive, massive dream of mine.

Go on Safari

Go On Safari

I’ve since come to realise that the chance to go on an African safari is actually a dream shared by thousands of people.

It features highly on the bucket list of a lot of my friends and family and is a popular bucket list idea for most people that I speak to.

Firstly I’m a huge animal lover and the thought of seeing “The Big Five” of African Lion, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, African Leopard, and Rhinoceros in their natural habitat fills me with enormous excitement.

But there are also some truly amazing locations that offer safari experiences and will enable you to create memories that will last an entire lifetime.

Leopard in a tree

Where to go?

When planning to go on safari the first place that instantly springs to mind is likely to be Africa.

Renowned for some of the most spectacular animals living amongst a truly amazing backdrop.

The Mundulea Reserve in Namibia is one such example, here you will find a very rugged picturesque backdrop of plains and hills.

A stunning place to see many safari sights, from rhinos to leopards and much much more.

But you don’t just need to restrict yourself to the desert plains….

In Rwanda you can spend time watching the near human behaviour of a large group of gorillas in the jungle.

One of the poorer parts of the country, the safari tourism has really helped rebuild the economy here.

With such amazing spectacles of nature it is easy to see why this is a popular destination.

Rhino in the wild

A Luxury Experience

If you fancy added a slice of luxury to your safari experience then look no further than Kruger National Park in South Africa, a truly luxurious way to go on safari.

Here you will find exclusive lodges that come with an equally exclusive price tag, but for many this is a price well worth paying.

This experience makes it possible to create an epic adventure holiday combining safari and ultimate luxury.

Without doubt seeing such magnificent animals in their natural habits, free from the confines of zoo cages and manmade homes, is a once in a lifetime adventure.

We’re certain that adding Go on Safari to your personalised bucket list will leave you with memories that really will live with you forever.

Make it happen

African Safari holidays from £1,899.00 or fancy something a bit closer to home? Then what not Safari in the UK ….

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