Go on Safari in the UK

Leopards at Longleat

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford to go away to Africa and go out on the plains to see the big five on Safari.

So whats the next best thing? Go on Safari in the UK of course!

If you are an animal lover, this is definitely one for your list! Longleat Safari park, here in the UK, allows a true safari experience right on your door step.

Rhino at Longleat

Longleat is so different to any other zoo or wildlife attraction, you feel like you’re being welcomed into these animals homes.

As you arrive at Longleat, you will only begin to discover the massive scale of this place. The huge stately home is just the start!

There so much to explore from play areas for children, train rides to a brilliant maze! But, I think the safari is the best bit!

giraffes longleat

What Animals Will You See

You’ll start your safari at the African Village, an area where you can park up and walk around.

You’ll see just a few of the much loved animals that Longleat has on offer. Get up close and personal with Giraffes, Zebras, Wallabies and Lemur.

Check out feeding times at the beginning of your visit if you want to be in with the chance of getting really close to the giraffes! 

Visit the themed restaurants and shops before you get back into the car when the fun really begins.

Get ready to have ostrich tap on your window, rhinos wander by your car, and watch as lions playfully wrestle over a chunk of meat.

The lions are beautiful and watching them in what seems like their natural habitat is amazing, you feel so close, but yet so very safe!

There are several different enclosures for the lions and tigers as it’s not safe for them all to roam together, each one is separated by large gates that are opened and closed by the keepers as you approach.

The Cheeky Monkeys

The most famous part of Longleat Safari has to be the wiper blade stealing monkeys…

luckily this enclosure isn’t mandatory, and you can skip by if you don’t trust that your car won’t be trashed.

If however you do decide to drive through the monkey enclosure be ready to experience monkeys like never before.

They WILL climb on your car, they WILL refuse to move off the road, and they WILL make you laugh (or cry).

Monkey At Longleat

As you travel around the safari you may recognise Anne the elephant, having featured on TV shows. This beautiful animal was rescued after spending her life as a circus performer.

Once you are at Longleat, you are not governed by any timings and you are free to visit any areas you wish, at any time.

The Safari is generally busier at the beginning of the day, and the boat trip to see the sea lions, hippos and gorillas are busiest at the end of the day.

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