Go to the Edge of Space

See the earths curvature

the earths curvature

Have you ever dreamt about going to space ? Unless you’re Tim Peake or you have a cool $250,000 to give to Richard Branson for the Virgin Galactic project, there’s a very slim chance of it happening……..or is there?

With MiGFlug you can pay a mere £15,000 (plus accommodation/travel to Russia) to take a flight in a Mig-29 with MiGFlug and get as close as it comes to going into space, the edge of space. You will see the curvature of the earth and travel at an impressive supersonic speed of mach2 (over 1500mph!).

We say mere with tongue in cheek as it’s still a hefty sum for most, but we think it’s a great price for such an amazing experience and is definitely one for the bucket list.

The MiG29 is one of a few planes that can gain speed during a vertical climb, and not only will you get to see the edge of space, but you’ll get to break the sound barrier and fly at supersonic speed!

You will reach an altitude of 23,000m (75,500 feet) and also be involved in some loops and rolls, and no doubt be wanting to learn how to perform these stunts yourself after.

Watching the video above, I pictured the scene in my head. Walking to the plane, Kenny Loggins Dangerzone playing, Aviators on. Yes, I really am that geeky! Then again, I’m willing to put money on it that you’re doing something similar.

A few things you need to know before going to the edge of space

You need to be at least 18 years of age, and no taller than 6’4″. You also can not have a blood pressure reading higher than 150 over 80. The experience is on a one to one basis, but you may take two people with you to watch from the ground.

I have the feeling I will never get to experience this amazing trip, but you never know, if you wish hard enough upon a star then you might actually be able to get a lot closer to one?

If you are one of the few lucky enough to experience the PLEASE let us know how it was and share any videos or pictures of the flight.

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