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Bonjour, je m’appelle William…….that’s pretty much all you’re going to get from me right now. Despite having French lessons at school and going to Paris for a school trip, I failed to learn to speak French well.

So, I can probably string a few words together, but as an adult I now regret not paying attention in class. Let’s face it, like most young boys, I just wanted to play football and have fun, classes were boring! As a grown up (sort of) I really enjoy learning new things, watching documentaries and hearing interesting facts.

French car park

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m always impressed (jealous) when I find people that speak more than one language. I don’t know why this is, but I do know that it makes me want to learn one myself.

For me it’s French. That might be because I know some phrases already and have an understanding of some of it? So this is definitely going on my Bucket List to complete.

Classroom Lessons

There are a few ways for you to learn to speak French. You could look at your local colleges and investigate if they do evening classes. Many will offer an introduction/basic class, where you can then move on to intermediate, or even try for a qualification should you wish to.

students in a classroom

Classes are great as you have your tutor on hand to give you feedback and correct you should you be pronouncing things incorrectly. They are also useful for explaining things to you, like masculine and feminine nouns……Yes, everything is either male or female!

Learn on the go

Another option is using software or an app like Rosetta Stone. With Rosetta Stone you learn with the immersion method, connecting words with pictures just as you did as a child. The software also has speech recognition, meaning it picks up on your pronunciation, giving you feedback on how you are getting on.

The beauty of these apps is that you can use it across iPad, iPhone and Android devices, so you are not restricted to when you learn. This is idea for those tedious commutes to work, or jumping in when you realise you have half an hour to kill.

Should you wish to practice your new skills with a person then you also have access to a native speaking language coach, who will have a real conversation with you online.

Courses start at £209 for PC/MAC downloads, £168 for a 12 months & £196 for 24 months for the mobile app course, and then there is the advanced course, £147 & £210 for 12 and 24 months respectively. Check out Rosetta Stone for more details.

If you’re interested, but don’t want to fork out all that money as unsure if you’ll stick at it then you should try the BBC first. They offer free online course, guides and games to help improve your skills.

Hopefully once I finally learn to speak French, I can improve on my favourite saying of ‘je ne comprends pas, en anglais s’il vous plaît’

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