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Take Up Yoga

Yoga pose

When I first thought of yoga I had old people and hippies in my head. It was after being suggested by a physio that I should give it a go, to help prevent further injuries from the sports I was playing, that I was pleasantly surprised how wrong I was.

Doing yoga on the beach

After doing some reading on the benefits of yoga I found how common it is for
professional athletes to take it up to help keep them stay supple and improve their breathing techniques.

Not only does it do wonders for your body, but it helps you stay in a calmer state of mind. Now I know this may be a bit cliche, but it’s
true. The calming environment, the controlling of your heartbeat and the aches and pains gone from your body really make you feel like a new you.


One thing I’ll stress is, do not expect to feel this after one session, it may take ten sessions before you start to really feel the benefits, so perseverance is a must.

With a lot of moving and different positions it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable wear something comfortable. You can go for something loose which will let you have free range within it, or better still, you could wear leggings.

Youga head stand

Yoga classes can be found at many gyms, or some towns and cities even have places dedicated to just yoga classes.

Before long you’ll be moving on from your Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Much Svanasana), to a more advanced Standing split (Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana)

This is an activity that you can do pretty much anywhere and you’ll be pleased that you gave it a go, you’ll be feeling as good as new in no time.


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