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    What is a bucket list?

    Bucket List is taken from the phrase ‘kick the bucket’, which is another way of saying ‘to die’. So a bucket list is a list of goals that you would like to achieve before you meet your maker!

    Your list can contain anything, from visiting certain destinations, learning new skills, or pushing yourself with a challenge.

    Why Create a Bucket List?

    Research has shown that people who create lists are generally organised, productive and more likely to fulfill the things they set out to do. Having a bucket list can help keep you focused and achieve your goals.

    How does BLE work?

    BLE provides articles on things you may wish to add to your personalised bucket list, and if you can’t find something you wish to add from our suggestions then you can create the item for yourself.

    We will then get to work on writing up on the subject so other like minded people can decide if they would like to try this for themselves.

    If you read an article and decide you’d like to give it a go then click on the ‘ADD TO MY BUCKET LIST’ button and the title will be added to your personalised bucket list within your profile screen.

    Where can I find Bucket List suggestions on BLE?

    Suggestions and articles have been split up into categories, which can be found on the home screen menu bar under ‘Bucket List’. You can then filter by whichever category you wish to explore in more detail. Alternatively you can put a word in the search box and see what comes up.

    How do I create a profile?

    You can create a profile in two ways. The easiest way is to log in via your preferred social network login. Click on ‘Log In’ button on the top right hand of the home screen and then ‘connect with Facebook’ or whichever social channel you prefer.

    Alternatively you can create an account by clicking on ‘Register’ on the same screen and entering the requested details. We will then send you a confirmation email. You will then need to click on the link provided to confirm your account.

    How do I add items to my personalised Bucket List?

    Every article has a button at the top that says ‘ADD TO MY BUCKET LIST’, simply click and it will appear on your list.

    Where is my personalised Bucket List?

    Your personalised bucket list can be found within your profile page. You will need to register to enable you to have a profile page.

    Can I mark items as done if I did them in the past?

    Of course you can and be sure to do it. It’s a great feeling to actually see how much you’ve achieved in your lifetime already. While you are at it why not add a video or picture to the item and share your experience with others!

    Can I make my list private?

    At present the list is viewable to everyone, but we are still new and working on a function to hide the list if you would prefer to do so.

    I can’t find an item I want to do, can I add it?

    You can indeed and we want you to, we need as many ideas as possible. Follow these instructions to create your bucket list suggestion –

            • Simply go to the top right hand of your screen and click on ‘Add A Bucket List Item’.
            • Here you will then select ‘Story’ for an article, or you can choose to upload a ‘Video’.
            • You will then need a photo to start the process. If you do not have one of the subject then don’t worry, add any photo and we change it to a relevant one. Please note the photos will have to be 2mb or lower in size, so you may need to resize them in order to upload. Ideally they will be 1200×800 pixels.
            • Next select the title. Again we will format this, but just ensure it covers off what it is you want to share.
            • If you would like to have a go at writing your article then please feel free to do so, we can check and edit this for you if required. If you do not want to write your own article, just add a little comment or you can even leave it blank.
            • Select ‘Bucket List Ideas’ from the select category drop down
            • Tick the Terms and Conditions box…….if you agree to them of course
          • Press ‘PUBLISH’ and you’re done! We’ll pick up the rest and you can add the suggestion to your list.

    Can I upload a picture to a Bucket List item?

    Yes, at the bottom of the article there is a section where you can upload your own photos. In fact we’d love for you to do this as it will enhance the experience for other users on BLE.

    Simply drag and drop, or select files to search from your directory.

    The photos will have to be 2mb or lower, so you may need to resize them beforehand.

    Can I upload a video to a bucket list item?

    Yes, you can embed videos from sites such as YouTube or upload a video direct from your own library. To upload from youtube you may need to create your own YouTube channel which is really simple to do.

    Click on ‘Add a Bucket List Item’ At the bottom of the article there is a section where you can then embed content. Copy the link you wish to use and voila, your video will appear.

    Can I keep a blog of my travels?

    You most certainly can! Our story format is a great way for you to keep your friends and family informed of what you have been up to on your travels or holiday. Instead of giving them a blog address to keep checking, you can add photos and write up about what you’ve been doing, and then share it to Facebook (or any other social channel) for all your friends to read.

    Like adding a bucket list submission, do the following

          • Simply go to the top right hand of your screen again and select ‘Add a Bucket List Item’.
          • Here you will then select ‘Submit Story’.
          • Next select a title suitable for the subject.
          • Write about your recent experiences and add photos of what you’ve been up to. Photos are a fantastic way of providing a visual experience on your blog, you can simply drag and drop these to where you want them in the post, and don’t forget to add a featured image for the top of the article. Please note the photos will have to be 2mb or lower in size, so you may need to resize them in order to upload.
          • Once you’re happy select ‘Your Travel Story’ from the select category drop down
          • Tick the Terms and Conditions box…….if you agree to them of course
          • Press ‘PUBLISH’
          • Once the article is complete and added to BLE you can then use one of the many social share options available at the bottom of your post. For example, if you’d like to share your story to Facebook then just click on the Facebook button. This will bring up a pop up box for you to share on your Facebook profile.
          • Your travel story is now available for all your friends and family to view if they so wish.

    Can I follow other people I don’t know?

    Yes, on the profile page you can choose to follow people who are like minded and keep up to date with what they are doing.

    Can I find my Facebook friends?

    At present this feature isn’t available, but again we are new and working on it.

    How can I delete my account?

    WHAT!!! You want to leave us?!?! No worries, we understand that sometimes people may want to close down their account. To do this you can go to your profile page, select settings and delete account. If you have decided to do this due to issues with the site, then please feel free to contact us and let us know. We realise we’re not perfect (what is) and we will endeavor to sort out the situation.

    Can I work with BLE?

    We are always on the lookout for exciting travel writers, or anyone else that can add value to our team. If you feel that this is an area you excel in then contact us or drop us a quick email to and provide a quick overview of the added value you can provide us.

    We’ll always respond and who knows, it could be the start of a budding relationship?