The Vista Tree Tent from Tentsile

tentsile vista above water

The Vista Tree Tent from Tentsile is capable of sleeping three people, quite comfortably, and more so because you won’t be sleeping on the floor. The suspended tree tent comes with three strong anchors that attach to trees or other solid objects, with access from the sides or the floor hatch in the middle.

tentsile diagram

Being up as high as you want you get to see the world from a different point of view. Away from the elements you won’t end waking up with a sore back due to sleeping on a stone. You can even purchase additional Trillium Hammocks to turn it in to a multi-floor outdoor experience, using it for more sleeping space or storage for your belongings.

Use it as an alternative to building a tree house for the kids, or a really useful asset to have on your backpacking journey.

This tent will let you see the world from a different view on your next camping trip.

tentsile vista stars
Tentsile Vista Tree Tent


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