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A Bucket List is a list of things that you would like to experience or achieve in your lifetime. Why Bucket? Well this comes from the term ‘kick the bucket’ which is an old way of saying ‘to die’. It’s a morbid thought, but everyone inevitably dies at some point. I for one would hate that to happen without completing most of the things in life I set out to do, and would like to leave this world with the satisfaction of knowing I made the most of my life.

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Your list is likely to grow and/or change as you grow older. As you age your views, opinions and ideas change, life events mean that your priorities change also. What shouldn’t change is your focus on completing as many of these things as possible.

It is said that people who create lists are generally more organised, productive and more likely to fulfil the things they set out to do. You can help yourself by setting deadlines for completion and plan out how you’re going to get there in the first place. The people who set deadlines are statistically more likely to complete what they set out to do!

Here at Bucket List Explorers we feel that creating a bucket list is a great way to get you out there and do more with your life, and we want to share our bucket list ideas with you and show you all the amazing things there are to see and do out there on our planet. We want to help everyone build their very own personalised bucket list, with things you would like to accomplish in life, no mater how big or small they may be.

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How Can Bucket List Explorers Help You?

Our goal here at Bucket List Explorers is to try and help you achieve your goals and help suggest things that you may not have thought of before. We would like to open your eyes to some of the magical places out there, amazing activities for you to try and skills to achieve.

We have set out different categories where you can browse through, picking out items you like the look of. If you’re not sure what category your item falls under then you can do a search for keywords. Alternatively, just browse through the articles and see what you find.

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If you can not find an article on something you would like to do, then please feel free to contact us to submit a suggestion of your bucket list ideas. Alternatively you can click on the CREATE button next to your profile picture and add a new Open List to the Bucket List Ideas category and we will format it for you.

Within each article there is a button called ‘Add to My Bucket List’. If you like the look of the article in question and would like to have a go at it then click this button. This will then add the item to your bucket list, which can be found on your profile page.

Your Personalised Bucket List

You can have absolutely anything you want on your bucket list and there is no limit to the amount of items added. It can be something as big as climb a mountain, which would take a lot of planning to sort out, or it could be lots of little, more attainable items, like read a new book every month, or run a mile a day.

It truly is up to you what you add, we just want to be able to help you attain your goals. If you can think of it, then add it. The more you add, the more we can find ways to help people and share your idea.

New Suggestions

You can find suggestions on places to visit, attractions to see or challenges to set yourself within our Bucket Lists section.

We add new ideas daily to the site in the hope that you might find something that interests you.

Take inspiration from everywhere. TV, Movies, Magazines and friends can all give you ideas.

If something makes you think ‘that would be amazing to do’ then add it to your list and see how you can go about doing it!


So now you have items on your bucket list, what next? You need to start planning how to go about completing it.

Start by giving yourself a completion date, when do you want to do it by? Next you need to look at the financial aspect.

Are you looking to go to another country to complete a trek? or are you looking to complete a marathon?

Writing down a bucket list

Going abroad will mean booking  flights, sorting accommodation, insurance, visa’s etc which all costs money, whereas a marathon will mean looking up a training plan, going out running and maybe sorting out your diet, which will cost you a lot less to do.

Once you’ve gone out and done the activity or visited the place, then you can add a photo of your experience and a tell everyone about it.

Help inspire others to do what you did, give them advice on what to expect, or what you would have done differently.

Sometimes helping others can give you a sense of fulfilment.

So now you know what a bucket list is and what Bucket List Explorers is about, get out there and discover the amazing things around you.